Thursday, 30 May 2013

Casual friday

Okay so i know its thursday but i just couldn't wait to post this. The zara leggings below are a fave of mine right now. They go really well with white oxford converse. They are cheap and go with many colours so you can jazz them up differently each time you wear them.

I think everyone should head over to the zara website and buy a pair of these leggings! They have many patterns an styles to choose from.

Credit: (above) my own picture

Credit: zara website

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British please

Okay so one of my all time favourite shops is..... JACK WILLS they have amazing clothes that i just 'lust at' haha.

I recently purchased this aubergine jumper from Jack Wills and seriously i cannot take it off i love it!

J'adore <3

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I don't need it, but i Want it.

Yep, all girls hVe this problem, they don't need the item if clothing or hot bag, but they do however want it. In my case this occurs on a daily basis, i see something i like and just want it immediately. 
I absolutely love receiving my monthly issue of company magazine, they have all the latest trends and more. I picked this out from the July issue. It is totally adorable and sexy at the same time ! Eat your hearts out.

(Credit to company magazine for photo) 


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Sunday, 26 May 2013


Personally i love snapbacks, i think boys look really hot in them and only some girls manage to pull them off. One of my favourite snapbacks is this Candy Kittens one by the famous Jamie Laing (Made In Chelsea) 

1st Post - New

So this is my first ever post. I'm new to this so bear with me on this. Ha ha.  

Here is a random picture to try out... My dog max he's a Tibetan terrier.