Sunday, 9 June 2013

What's In Your Bag ?

'Whats in your bag?'
What isn't in my bag though?

My bag is definitely the most unorganized place, its full of items that I don't need and I somehow manage to accumulate a collection of complete bosh! 
When i eventually get the guts (and energy) to sort out my bag it shocks me what I find in there, things that I haven't seen in ages and objects that make me think; 'how on earth did they get in there?'. 

On the other hand though where would us girls be without them, I mean we use them everyday and love them. Most of us take pride in our choice of bags, be it designer or high street. 

So this is what is in my bag... Might I add this is a very tidy version of my bag just for you.

 Mirror Mirror on the wall... As a girl a mirror is an important necessity.

Chewing gum is a must. Always need some after a meal. (this is my favorite flavor).

This Image above is my Diabetic blood levels monitor. (as I am type 1 diabetic I must always carry this around with me).

 I love Mac Cosmetics and these three items are my essentials that i wear everyday.

 My house keys have key rings on them from Paris as I just J'adore Paris.

Never know when you might need to jot something down and in my case I need to... Miss forgetful over here.

As a teenager music plays a big role in my life and I would never leave the house without my headphones.

Always want to smell fresh... White Musk from the Body Shop is the stuff to use.

The popular Iphone 4s. (image from Google images)

I'm pretty much a blind bat when it comes to reading things, menu's at restaurants are the worst so I always have to have my reading glasses on hand.

Now I know England isn't the sunniest places on earth, but you never know when it might pop out to say hello.

This comb is VERY IMPORTANT it takes care of my fringe when i'm out and about.

Last but not least my Ted Baker purse which contains all my millions of pounds, ha ha I wish, nope my purse is pretty much empty right after payday. what can I say I love to shop!
 (all images my own)

So that's what is in my bag, hopefully you enjoyed the contents of my bag.

S x

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